Ivan N Kostadinov

Group Business Forum

Inaugural Group Business Forum Branding

The 2014 Group Business Forum was an exclusive 3-day event for hospitality professionals held in Washington, D.C. With over 400 executive-level attendees, this conference exceeded expectations and turned out to be one of the largest hotelier events of the year.

In branding the Forum, I wanted to give it an upscale appeal using a cool, calm color palette. Furthermore, I used diagonal overlapping shapes as my main design element, and as a means to represent the different, or "shifting," perspectives which the Forum focused on. Designing everything from the logo to event website and on-site signage, I envisioned every aspect of this conference and produced a cohesive brand across mediums.

Primary logo

Secondary logo layout

Tertiary logo — for use on color backgrounds

Slogan treatment


Collateral package

Group Business Forum event website

Group Business Forum event website

iOS and Android native mobile app

Reasons to attend promotional document

Informational sponsorship document

Floor sticker and branded pillars

Agenda screen and column wrap

Reserved & Wi-Fi info table cards 

Main conference room

Branded pillars

Main lobby branding

Main lobby branding at rush hour


Panel session with forum branding

Panel session

Main conference room